Ncremental Toolkit

Install the App in Contentful

Navigating to Application Settings Begin by accessing the Application settings within your project’s Contentful interface. This can be done by navigating to:


Here, you will see an option to Create app. Clicking this prepares Contentful for the integration of the Ncremental toolkit, marking the first step towards enhancing your project’s functionality.

Configure the app

After initiating the creation of the app, it’s time to configure it by doing the following:

  1. Rename Your App: Assign the name Ncremental toolkit to your app. This name will identify the app within your project settings and ensure it is easily recognizable.
  2. Set the Frontend URL: In the Frontend section, input the following URL to connect your app to its frontend interface

This URL is the gateway to the Ncremental toolkit’s user interface, enabling you to interact with the toolkit’s features directly within Contentful.

  1. Enable Key Features: Make sure to activate the App configuration screen, Entry Field (for Responsive field, Entry sidebar, and Page options. These selections integrate the toolkit seamlessly into various parts of the Contentful UI, enhancing your workflow.
  2. Main Navigation: Opt to Show app in main navigation and label it Ncremental toolkit for easy access from anywhere within your Contentful environment.

Your app settings should now look something like this:

App settings

Install the app in your Space

With the app configured, it’s now visible in the Apps section:

App installed

To integrate it into your working environment:

  1. Click on the triple dots (…) beside the app to reveal additional options and select Install in space.
  2. Choose the specific space and environment where the toolkit will be most beneficial.

Apply space-level configuration

Upon installation, you’ll be directed to the application configuration page:

App configuration

On this page, you’ll specify the environments you wish to enable for synchronization, along with their respective targets and setup your breakpoints. It’s crucial to tailor the toolkit’s functionality to your project’s specific needs at this stage.

Enabling Content-type synchronization

If you wish to synchronize your environment with Ncremental Content-types, you should also enable the list of targeted environments. This step ensures that the toolkit synchronizes content types seamlessly across the specified environments, enhancing your content management workflow.

App configuration

The final step involves specifying which content models are eligible for synchronization:

  1. Select a content model to configure and navigate to its Sidebar settings.
  2. Add Ncremental Toolkit to the sidebar to enable synchronization options directly within the content model’s interface.

Model configuration

Enable responsive fields

If you wish to enable responsive fields, you have to setup your breakpoints. Doing so requires you to go to the space-level configuration. (see section above)

App configuration breakpoints

Once the breakpoints are configured, you need to enable the custom editor on models that support it.