Contentful Spartacus Integration

Composable Storefront (Spartacus) Contentful integration Documentation


Welcome to the documentation for our Angular library, designed to seamlessly integrate Contentful with Composable Storefront (Spartacus), providing a streamlined content management experience for your Composable Storefront storefront web application. This library acts as a bridge between Contentful, a powerful content management system, and Composable Storefront, a flexible and scalable Angular-based e-commerce framework.

Our library facilitates the integration between Contentful and Composable Storefront, allowing developers to harness the power of Contentful’s content management capabilities within their Composable Storefront storefronts. By leveraging this library, developers can seamlessly fetch and display content from Contentful within their Composable Storefront applications, enhancing the flexibility and agility of their e-commerce platforms.

Key Features

  1. Seamless Integration: Our library is fully integrated with both Contentful and SAP Composable Storefront (previously Spartacus), offering a seamless connection between your CMS and e-commerce platform.

  2. Reuse of Existing Spartacus Components: With our simple converter, you can adapt Contentful data to your existing Spartacus component models, eliminating the need to update or recreate your CMS components from scratch.

  3. Gradual Migration Support: Our integration supports migrating content page by page, allowing both systems to run in parallel. This approach means you don’t have to migrate everything at once, providing flexibility in your migration timeline.

  4. Preset of Rich Components: The library comes with a preset of rich components designed for a variety of uses. For more details, refer to our component documentation.

  5. Responsive Attributes Support: Supports fully responsive attributes, allowing CMS attributes to be configured with different values per breakpoint. The framework automatically handles the adaptation, ensuring optimal display across all devices.

Getting Started

To begin using the Ncremental Contentful Composable Storefront Link Library in your Composable Storefront storefront web application, follow these installation steps:

  • Installation Guide: Start integrating the Ncremental Contentful Composable Storefront (Spartacus) Library into your project with our comprehensive installation guide. Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the library seamlessly and establish efficient communication between your Composable Storefront and Contentful CMS.


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