Ncremental Toolkit
Types import

Please ensure you have successfully completed each step outlined in the Installation Guide before proceeding.

Importing Content Types

The ability to import content types directly into your Contentful environment enhances your content management workflow. This feature streamlines the process of integrating predefined content types provided by Ncremental.

We don’t recommend importing types directly into your active environment. Instead, we recommend importing types into a newly created copy of your existing environment.

Configuration and Initialization

After ensuring the tool is correctly set up according to the installation guide, this feature is accessible by navigating to the Ncremental Toolkit section in the topbar menu.

Ncremental toolkit access

Starting the Import Process

Within this section, you’re provided with the capability to select a target environment for your import. With the target environment specified, you can seamlessly initiate the import process. The process is intuitively designed, ensuring a smooth experience.

Ncremental toolkit target

Monitoring Progress

As the import job progresses, its current status is dynamically updated within the same section. This real-time feedback enables you to monitor the process without disrupting your workflow.

Ncremental toolkit status types

Completion and Log Generation

Once the import is completed, the system automatically generates a log record. This record details the order in which functions were called during the import process. This ensures complete transparency and facilitates tracking of the changes made across environments.

Ncremental toolkit status types

If you’re happy with the content types you’ve imported, proceed to integrate these changes into your main environment. This step ensures seamless integration. Use Contentful’s merge tool to easily merge the new environment with your chosen one.

By following these instructions, you can successfully import content types provided by Ncremental into your Contentful environment, enhancing your content management system.