Contentful Spartacus Integration
Rich Animations

Enhancing Your Components with Animation

Our animation feature, powered by the GSAP library, brings a new level of interactivity and visual appeal to your website. This powerful feature allows you to animate any attribute of any component, creating engaging and dynamic user experiences. Below, we’ll explore the key benefits and capabilities of using animations within our package.

Showcasing Animations

To give you a taste of the possibilities animations offer, here are two examples showcasing how they can enhance your components.

Animation Showcase Slot 1

Ncremental toolkit responsive field demo

This example demonstrates how a font color can be animated. It also shows how elements can come into view in a sequential order while apply various animations to them. Leverage the powerful timeline functionality, orchestrating animations is easy.

Animation Showcase Slot 2

Ncremental toolkit responsive field demo

In this second example, we’ve decided to animated a 3D viewer. By rotating the 3D model according to the scroll position, we are able to make the element come to life on the screen. All the while the user can still interact with it.

Key Features of Animations

Animations on Any Component

Animations can be seamlessly integrated with any component in your library, from simple text elements to complex interactive components. This versatility ensures that you can bring dynamism and life to all areas of your site, regardless of the component’s complexity or function.

Built with Performance in Mind

Leveraging the efficiency of the GSAP library, our animations are designed to be lightweight and performant. This means they run smoothly, without compromising your website’s load time or responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Scroll-Linked Animations

Our animations can be tied to browser scroll events, enabling the creation of captivating effects such as slideshows that progress as the user scrolls or elements that “stick” in the viewport to maintain user focus. These scroll-linked animations add an engaging narrative element to your site, guiding users through your content in a visually appealing way.

Bringing Websites to Life

Animations have the power to transform static pages into vibrant, dynamic experiences. They capture user attention and enhance the overall interactivity of your site, making your content more memorable and engaging.

Runtime Configuration

One of the most powerful aspects of our animation feature is its flexibility. Animations can be configured and fine-tuned at runtime without the need for writing new code. This allows for dynamic adjustments and experimentation, enabling designers and developers to create the perfect animation sequences for their needs.