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In the fast-evolving world of eCommerce, the agility to adapt and enhance customer experiences is key to staying competitive. Traditional content management systems (CMS) often lock businesses into rigid architectures that hinder rapid development and scalability.

Recognizing these limitations within SAP Commerce’s built-in CMS, our team at Ncremental has built an innovative integration with Contentful CMS.

This integration not only addresses these challenges but also unlocks a new realm of possibilities for enhancing eCommerce platforms.

By leveraging Contentful’s robust, flexible, and cloud-native content management capabilities alongside SAP Commerce, we enable businesses to dramatically improve their web presence, streamline content operations, and ultimately, drive higher conversion rates.

Join us as we explore the transformative benefits and technical advancements of using Contentful with SAP Commerce.

Key Benefits of Using Contentful with SAP Commerce

Increased Conversion

Integrating Contentful CMS with SAP Commerce enables richer content, faster page speeds, and an overall better user experience that drives higher conversion rates. By delivering visually engaging media, optimized landing pages, and personalized content quickly and effectively, businesses can enhance the customer journey and convert more visitors into loyal customers.

Improved Page Performance

Integrating Contentful CMS with SAP Commerce significantly improves page performance, offering a faster and more responsive experience for your customers. Here’s why:

  • Automatic Caching: Contentful automatically handles caching, ensuring that your pages load quickly by serving content from the nearest edge location.
  • Powerful CDN Integration: Integrated with a powerful CDN, Contentful distributes content globally for rapid access, reducing latency and improving page load times.
  • Lightweight Components: Prebuilt components are optimized for performance, ensuring that pages are delivered efficiently.
  • Lazy Loading by Default: All components are lazy-loaded by default, loading only when needed and further enhancing page speed.

The combination of these features provides your customers with a seamless browsing experience, reducing bounce rates and encouraging deeper engagement.

Faster Development Cycles

Contentful’s integration with SAP Commerce accelerates development cycles, allowing your team to deliver updates and new features rapidly. Key benefits include:

  • No Backend Development Required: Contentful’s intuitive interface enables marketers and content creators to update content types without the need for backend developers.
  • No Code Changes or Deployments: Make changes directly in the Contentful UI without modifying the code or redeploying applications.
  • Seamless Content Synchronization: Easily synchronize content and models across environments, ensuring consistency and reducing manual effort.
  • Automatic Content Type Handling: Unlike SmartEdit, Contentful UI automatically handles all content types, streamlining the process and reducing complexity.

These features empower your team to focus on creating impactful content and delivering a better customer experience while minimizing time spent on development and deployment.

Ease of Maintenance

Contentful CMS simplifies maintenance, offering:

  • Fully Managed CMS Editor: Contentful’s user-friendly editor allows content creators to update and manage content effortlessly, reducing reliance on technical teams.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: As a fully cloud-based platform, Contentful eliminates the need for manual upgrades and infrastructure maintenance.
  • No Direct Dependencies on Storefront: Contentful’s decoupled architecture ensures content updates won’t inadvertently break your storefront UI, providing peace of mind and stable performance.

These features make maintaining your eCommerce content easier and faster, allowing your team to focus on delivering value to customers.

Cloud-Based Solution

Contentful’s cloud-based CMS brings robust benefits to SAP Commerce:

  • Integration with Common Standards: Seamless integration with common standards like Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies user management and security.
  • Always Up to Date: As a fully managed cloud service, Contentful ensures your CMS is always up to date with the latest features and security updates.
  • Great SLAs: Benefit from high availability and reliable performance backed by strong Service Level Agreements.
  • Community Resources and Extensions: Access a rich ecosystem of community resources, plugins, and extensions to enhance your CMS functionality.

These features make Contentful a reliable and scalable solution that empowers your team to focus on building better customer experiences.

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Read our Extensive documentation to learn more about our tool.

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Follow our Installation Guide to add our extension to your SAP Commerce storefront.


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Start building your pages using Contentful’s powerful CMS

Features of Our Integration Tool

1. Quick Setup

Our integration tool allows you to start using Contentful on SAP Commerce within a few hours. Follow our installation guide to get started quickly and easily.

2. Rich Prebuilt Components

Our integration tool comes with a variety of rich prebuilt components to bring your pages to life:

  • Video Player
  • Grid Layout
  • Rich Animations
  • SSR-Enabled Carousel Explore all the components and their features in our documentation.

3. Component Reusability

Reuse your existing Spartacus CMS components directly in Contentful, allowing for a seamless transition and consistent branding. Learn more in our documentation.

4. Phased Migration Support

Our integration tool supports a phased migration from SmartEdit to Contentful by enabling both systems to run in parallel. This ensures a smooth and controlled transition. Learn more in our page structure documentation.

5. Advanced Features

Our integration tool supports advanced features such as:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Converters
  • Component and Page Restrictions
  • And Much More

Explore the full list of features in our documentation.

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